About Us

1.       To showcase each of the AKC Recognized Hound Breeds, both Sight and Scent.

2.      To showcase Hound Breeds in their various forms of competition, from conformation to coursing, obedience, rally, etc.

3.      Featuring:

  • Win Shots from Recognized Events
  • Link to Your Web Site
  • List of all Hound Breed Organizations and Registries
  • Offer profile page on each Hound Breed
  • Offer a Classified Advertising Section
  • Offer a Veterinarian Consultation Section
  • Offer Display Advertising (Monthly Repeating Advertising)


At Hound Scene eZine our mission is to keep hound dog owners and breeders current on competition results, education, health, news and other developments impacting your favorite breed.
Hound Scene is a weekly eZine featuring news, information, competition and show results plus featured articles, breed resources and advertising covering all of the Sight and Scent Hound Breeds.